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1. What is Mojoenet Fiber Internet?

Internet Service Provider, with its own networks directly from Singapore to Myanmar, which offers faster, better and more reliable internet service in Yangon.

2. In which areas is the service available?

Available in downtown 31 townships of Yangon and Thanlyin township.

3. How to get service?

Can directly purchase from Mojoenet 24/7 hotline or register HERE and our sale team will contact you back very soon.

4. How to pay bill?

Please check HERE for different ways of bill payment methods.

5. What is the difference from other Internet Service Provider?

With own network, it has a very rare situation to have network delay and bad connectivity. Moreover, we have a service team to solve any kind of network issues within 48 hours.

6. How long does it take to do installation?

It only takes 24 hours after online registration.

7. How does Mojoenet deal with network breakdown and other related issue?

Customers can call directly to Mojoenet 24/7 Hotline or submit service ticket from HERE themselves.

8. Can use unlimited?


9. What do customers need to purchase internet package?

Register HERE by filling up necessary information to purchase internet package

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